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Love is Eternal


adult swim, alice in wonderland, animals, anime movies, anne rice, art, asian cuisine, ayumi hamasaki, azure dreams, badly drawn boy, baking, bishoujo senshi seera muun, cartoons, cats, chain maille, chainmaille, chobits, clothes, computers, cooking, corsets, costume design, costumes, dan brown, dance dance revolution, ddr, dragons, drawing, egl, egl fashion, elegant gothic lolita fashion, emilie autumn, emily autumn, enya, expression, fashion, fashion design, fastball, final fantasy, foo fighters, futurama, gaia, gaia online, gothic & lolita bibles, gothic lolita, gothic lolita fashion, green day, hamtaro, harry potter, harvest moon, hayao miyazaki, hello kitty, html, ice cream, incubus, innocent world, j-pop, j.k. rowling, japan, japanese, japanese art, japanese fashion, japanese pop culture, japanese street fashion, kana, kanji, katamari damacy, kisekae, kiss dolls, kittens, knitting, lewis caroll, lolita fashion, making jewelry, making things, malice mizer, manga, maryjanes, metallica, miyazaki movies, mouse on mars, movies, nail polish, nature, needle tatting, origami, our lady peace, painting, pearls, petticoats, pixel art, plushies, ps2, punk, reading, rennaisance faires, ribbons, richard brautigan, rilo kiley, rococco, ruffles, sailor moon, sewing, simple plan, siouxie and the banshees, squirels, sugarcult, sushi, swimming, tamora pierce, tatting, the (international) noise conspiracy, the beach, the fairly odd parents, the rennaisance, the sex pistols, the simpsons, the sims, the strokes, the white stripes, tony hawk's pro skater, victorian clothing, victorian fashion, victorian maiden, video games, vintage clothing, web site building, weird al yankovic, wicca, zelda


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